Flow Fork

Developed specifically for street trials riding, the Flow fork is designed to provide a similar level of performance and style to the popular and ultra-reliable Fourplay fork but at a more affordable price point.

The 410mm height gives sufficient tyre clearance to fit most 24 and 26" wheels/tyres commonly used on street mountain and trials bikes. To improve strength and rigidity the forks feature an extra-thick CNC machined steerer and welded crown interface. A custom-designed IS disc mount, as found on the Fourplay fork, helps to reduce stress under heavy braking forces normally associated with aggressive street riding.

Technical Specification
- Super thick aluminium steerer tube (6mm wall thickness) with welded crown interface for maximum strength,
- Custom designed and manufactured disc brake mount (at the International Standard position) is extra long to prevent cracking at the top where it joins the leg.
- Super thick, large diameter fork legs provide additional strength.
- Fits 24" and 26" wheels.
- Disc mount only.
- Available in gloss powder coat black finish with white Inspired graphics only.
- Weight: 995g
- Customer rating: 5/5

Fork Dimensions
- Axle to Crown length: 410mm
- Axle Offset: 30mm
- Steerer Length: 215mm

Please note: These forks are designed to run a maximum rotor size of 185mm, using a larger rotor may void the warranty.